Zanella Scooter Exclusive \ product design by Claure

Zanella Scooter Styler Exclusive \ product design by Jaime Claure Title model: 'Arrabalera' product design to Zanella Scooter Styler Exclusive 150 Z3. Descriptive Memory: Arrabalera, is the vision of a community of diversity ethnic groups connected each other, a set of rich traditions and customs, intense experiences in strokes of lines alluding a game between figure and background. Conceptual context: Latino identity is passionate with strong family values, proud of an ancient culture, converging experiences between colors, accents, traditions and different customs as shared links unite indigenous, mestizos, and immigrants. Objectives: ? Cause the latent value of identity is in the consumer's mind, because the identity is the brand. ? Develop a custom design of the Scooter and accessories keeping a consistency of communication on the identity of the brand. Development: Attributes of a cultural diversity that reflects the Latin charisma also traits of first peoples and ethnic groups patronas Latino traditions inhabited the continent, the inheritance of the Spanish colony, industrial progress towards the modern era, immersed in experiences. Product design: The design of the Latino identity for multiple applications in a chromatic value between lines and figures denote multicultural diversity, a legendary brand of the Argentina industry, through the visual heritage of Latin America.

from Jaime Claure

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