Microsoft releases first update for Windows Holographic

It's taken a long time to get real Windows 10 applications up and running on Hololens. The headset finally shipped to developers last March, and now the Windows Holographic dev kit has received its first update, adding several features like multitasking and the ability to rotate 3D models. These are the kind of interaction options that are important to the platform's survival. ​

Some of the features are straightforward, like keeping up to three apps running at once and adding Bluetooth mouse support. But most of the update fleshes out the user's ability to interact with apps, like being able to rotate holograms, adding new voice commands and resizing flat app windows. The rest are small additions and bug fixes, but as Microsoft's update announcement video notes, some of the features were added based on feedback.

Via: VentureBeat

Source: Microsoft Devices blog

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