Just got a response from Senator Ron Johnson about Net Neutrality. This sentence was in the email: "The term "net neutrality" might sound good, but it is just a clever name for government control of the Internet."

The whole email is bullshit, but that sentence above made me sick. He's using it to manipulate people while getting paid (bribed) by ISP's to push their agenda thru, attempting to silence free speech. This person has lost all his morals years ago and is nothing but a greedy, evil, shill for whoever can pay him the most money.... and he'll probably get re-elected again by the same people who he does not serve.Dear Mr. Horner,Thank you for contacting me regarding the issue of net neutrality.On February 26, 2015, unelected bureaucrats at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to impose heavy-handed regulations known as net neutrality on the Internet. The term "net neutrality" might sound good, but it is just a clever name for government control of the Internet.Since the Clinton administration, the FCC has wisely applied a light regulatory touch to broadband services, resulting in a highly successful broadband industry. The FCC reversed that bipartisan policy decision after consulting with outside interests rather than Congress. The decision is wrong, and the process raises serious questions about the president's inappropriate influence over what is supposed to be an independent agency overseen by Congress.Thank you again for contacting my office. It is very helpful to hear the views of the constituents I serve. To date, my office has received more than 1,800,000 letters, emails and phone calls. My mission is to provide information to as many people as possible concerning the enormous financial and cultural challenges facing America.Please see my website at http://1.usa.gov/1T76tqc for additional information. It is an honor representing you and all the people of Wisconsin.Sincerely,Ron Johnson United States Senator

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