When buying a new or used computer, ALWAYS check that Computrace is not enabled.

Anytime you buy a new or used Windows computers or Windows based tablet, one of the first things you should check is to make sure the Computrace feature was never turned on in the BIOS, unlike other asset tracking tools, once Computrace is turned on, it can never be turned off. Reinstalling the OS, refreshing the BIOS, nothing will work to get rid of it.Apple computers do not run Computrace.Computrace is often described as the LoJack of Laptops, here is more information about the application http://bit.ly/21h7bCA you value your privacy, this is NOT a backdoor feature you want turned on in your computer. Even if you are not subscribed to the service, the device is always calling home, the agent that is forces on your Operating System can copy files, run key loggers and other features like that. Package is still forced on your PC as long as Computrace is enabled in bios, even if you are not subscribed to it.Just like any backdoor, it is adding vulnerabilities to your system, there is already multiple recent documented vulnerabilities with Computrace, worst of all is that all AntiVirus have this rootkit whitelisted.I have heard of people saying their new computers came with Computrace enabled, I have not experienced this but I always check.But recently I purchased a used computer, I had reinstalled the Windows OS to get rid of all the junk that comes with the Manufactures Installed Windows, but as I was going through the settings I realized that the Computrace was enabled. I was about return the computer when I also realized that the motherboard was faulty, computer had warranty and I could get the motherboard replaced locally, so now I got the new motherboard with Computrace disabled. I did have to format and reinstall the entire OS since its the only way to get rid of the Rootkit (Of course, you need Computrace disabled for the Rootkit to not be forced into the OS again).Yes, yes… I know “if you value your privacy then why are you using Windows?”. I needed a full Windows desktop to do some testing that would not work on a Virtual Machine.

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