There was a congressional hearing about encryption backdoors last april. And it was beautiful.

Full video: think it's important to recognize the people who've been fighting this fight for a while now. I post this video whenever I can. I made the following comment after someone asked me about it, and I think it might explain a boring 2hr congressional hearing that really is fantastic to watch:It's a congressional committee on technology. The FBI is petitioning them to allow a law to be passed so they sent a lawyer. She gets to go first: lays out her argument as to why they want the law passed. To show support for the FBI, Mr. Conley is second. He's a DA from Boston and represents the national DA association. He takes his best shot: they hear from a lineup of people from the tech industry and privacy advocates who are against the law. They each get 10min or so for prepared remarks as well, and it's 30min of 4 or 5 reasons that each by themselves would make this a bad idea.Then the politicians get a chance to ask questions of the petitioners. But these politicians are on the technology committee know what's up and it quickly turns into them laying into the FBI lawyer and the DA representative about bulk data collection and privacy laying bare the issues at hand. The first session is pretty tame by comparison. The 2nd session opens up with Rep. Ted Lieu, and he's clearly pissed: Blum is cool. He's not that mad, makes sure to tip his hat to his law enforcement supporters, then makes a great analogy comparing their request to a home builder installing cameras in a home and promising to never turn them on: it's long. So people tend to not spend the time attending/watching them.

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